Mammut 150 Peak Project:
Speed-flying on Etna

White steam, foul-smelling smoke and spluttering lava: this was the setting for the Mammut Peak Project highlight tour on Mount Etna on Sicily (IT). In perfect weather, the fearless speed-flyers Jody Barratin and Felice Boccanegra climbed the 3,323 meter, still active, volcano and enjoyed a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean. The Italians then unpacked their paragliders and got ready for a thrilling descent. As well as skis attached to their feet, speed-flyers also carry a paraglider to allow them to make their way back down the mountain using a combination of skiing and flying.
The descent was successful and all team members arrived safely back at the foot of the volcano. They captured some amazing photos and a fascinating video along the way.

Adverse weather on the Stromboli
Following their crazy alternative descent of Mount Etna, the next day the Italian team took the ferry to the nearby island of Stromboli to tackle the volcano of the same name. As a result of numerous outbreaks in the past, this mountain is covered by a thick, black layer of ash. The speed-flyers wanted to prove that it's possible to ski on ash as well. Unfortunately, they had to make their way both up and down on foot, but were rewarded with a wonderful evening scene. Sadly there was no question of flying, the weather was too bad.